The selection process of projects can be summarized in the following chart:

We need executive resume and professional backgrounds

Preliminary Stage

Meetings take place & we share information with professionals

in order to know the project deeply, we exchange information in meetings, during which we introduce InnovaTekne and the professionals present their projects, making clear possible doubts.

We validate commercial, technical and legal aspects of the project

The validation includes the deep study of the key aspects of the project, in order to make a final evaluation. The study is made by InnovaTekne under strict confidential rules.
Middle Stage

Due diligence

The Due Dilligence implies an exhaustive analysis of the company, previous to the final agreement, in order to get a complete comprehension of the situation of the company and the probable eventualities.

Final Negotiation & Agreement

In the final agreement, the bases for the foundation of the future company are set, written in the Business Plan and in the shareholder´s agreement.
Final Stage